12.05.2017 – 05.06.2017
Opening 12.05.2017 Friday 18.00

Gallery Siyah Beyaz, will host a dynamic self-portrait /portrait exhibition opening on the 12th of May. The exhibition revolves, as an alternative suggestion, around trauma and presents the viewers with contemporary exposés on self-portrait and portrait.

The exhibition conveys an experimental point of view to self portrait and portrait, seeking to foster new interactive surfaces between the artist duos. Curated by Melis Golar, the exhibition will meet the viewers with a participation of 26 artists made by 13 artist duos. A Reflected Assertion exhibition will express the pains of artists asserting themselves over self-portraits and the unease of interpreting another artist over portraits via the theme of trauma. While one group of artists holds the mirror to themselves for a self-portrait, the other group will produce the self-portrait maker’s portrait and will invite the viewers to new platforms of observation among these multi-faceted reflections. The artists who will be portrayed by two unlike approaches will circle around opposite ideas such as asserting his/her artistic personality versus being observed by someone else or a desire to project oneself to the outside versus what is preferred to be discerned. The artist duos, brought together on a different inspiration easch time, will sometimes express their subjective inferences, occasionally act only as a model and at other times reveaal themselves as an intellectual path.

Portraiture, having a traditional and solid foundation in art history, this time around will open doors to new interactions between artists while providing opportunities for novel dialogues to evolve. Based on new questions, the exhibition will compose fresh zones of imagination among its audience and the artist duos and will be nourished from the occurring synergy.

Would it help to catch more a profound reality about the artist if he/she would be interpreted through someone else’s lenses?Where would this interpretation be positioned in terms of finding out more about the internal nature of the person being portrayed?

You can visit A Reflected Assertion exhibition at Gallery Siyah Beyaz, offering a contemporary fresh breath to self- portrait on the 12th of May on Friday 18:00.

Bora Akıncıtürk – Murat Atabek – Zeynep Beler – Ela Cindoruk – Uzay Çöpü – İsmet Doğan – Ali Elmacı – Görkem Ergün – Kutlu Gürelli – Zeynep Gürler – Aslı Işıksal – Onur İzci – Ali Kotan – Nihal Martlı – Merve Morkoç – Aslı Narin – Aykut Öz – Murathan Özbek – Ardan Özmenoğlu – Günnur Özsoy – Nazan Pak – Seçkin Pirim – Damla Sari – Nejat Satı – Ekrem Yalçındağ – Ümmühan Yörük

Galeri Siyah Beyaz
Kavaklıdere sokak 3/1-2 Şili Meydanı Ankara
t. 0312 467 7234

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